I wished by angeline pompei

song about wanting to feel at home

This song is an adult lullaby. It's about wishing, home and feeling at home. Feeling at home is often a feeling many of us take for granted. You can feel at home in a place, with a person or people, or simply with yourself. Shelter is actually not only a physical human need, it is also a basic psychological need.

When we don't have a stable home, we feel unstable, unsafe. Over long periods of instability, It can cause symptoms of anxiety and depression. When we feel lost we begin searching.

In this song I write:

"lost souls are looking for a home
a home of their own,
home is where,
my heart wants to go"

I thought of many people when I was searching for home. I hoped people would show up I can call home, I looked up into the sky and wished on a star and thought of those who have died. I thought a lot about my past and about the people that loved me unconditionally. My grandparents often came to mind who helped raise me and my siblings for my first 10 years of life. These thoughts made me feel at home when I felt displaced, that I lost my soul and lost who I am.

Aside from literally having a home, I realized, you can't depend on getting that feeling of home from others. You need to build your own house in your mind and when you feel lost or homeless, you have to go back, from my experience, from where you came from to regain your bearings.

This may now seem like a sad song, based on what I wrote above, but it actually also gives me hope. Wishing upon a star gives us hope and dreams. We are sometimes told not to dream as adults with spoken or unspoken words. We are told dreams are not realistic but dreams are important because they give us hope. Hope makes us believe we can accoomplish things or do anything we put our mind to. If there is a will there is a way. This adult lullably has a mixed feeling of reality vs imaginary. At the end of the song, I write:

"I wish again this starry night"

I am referring to the famous painting Starry Night By Vincent Van Gogh. I write this because during the process of feeling lost, my heart wishes or yearns to create. Breaking through and fully becoming an artist is not easy. Most artist are starving. Making your dreams a reality isn't easy, realistically, physically and mentally.

If you've ever felt lost, anxious and couldn't sleep at night. Maybe our going through a rough time in life, add this to your playlist and listen to it before bed. This song often helps me go to sleep at night.

from album verbiage

I Wished