from album verbiage


Song for overthinkers and about escaping reality

Artists are notorious for overthinking. It's probably why we need to write it out and sing it out-loud. Music can be healing or a way to process emotions. It is also a form of creativity which is a release during times of hardship. It's great therapy.

As an artist, songwriter and creative person, its fun to let the mind imagine...escape into a different world and truly feel different. It's a way to change your mood and put you in a different reality where you truly feel happy when maybe there is nothing to laugh or smile about. To let your mind wonder....however, at some point, you need to come back down to Earth, to face reality. Escape is sometimes necessary, but remember it's temporary, and it's important to recognize it's an illusion, not a solution to your problems.

If you need an escape, or if you are an over-thinker like me, add this song to your playlist. Putting all seriousness's also actually a fun dance song!! xoxo