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To Love

Zorro, Romeo & Juliet Inspired Musical Theatre song

When writing this song, I was thinking about the movie with Catherine Zeta-Jones, the mask of Zorro and Romeo and Juliet. This song is about forbidden love with an old theatre feeling. I imagine this song, and some of my music as part of a musical theatre play one day. Maybe my own.

This song talks about love, maybe love that was given then taken away. Makes me think of a shakespeare play as well... though can give-th, and thou can take-ith away... Maybe how Romeo and Juliet found love but as the story goes, it was impossible due to family feuds. Zorro influence is present in this song through the feeling of heroism especially where I write:

"I can smell your hair, with your eyes I starred,
you can't compare, when you're aware"

Makes you think of the passion between the characters in the movie mask of Zorro. It makes one feel the strong passion between the characters.

This is a fun song that always makes me laugh. I actually did laugh at the end of the song lol. I left it in while recording since it was authentic and I was having fun!

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