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My name is Angeline Pompei and I am a singer/songer writer. I initially took singing lessons to make songs I could use as teaching material for ESL students, however, during the last 2 years, I fell in love with singing and songwriting.

I also learned a lot about what is involved in music distribution as an independent artist.

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I like to create various types of music. The name Angeline Authentic is the name of one of my albums. This album ends with the song BE AUTHENTIC which is the first song I wrote, recorded at Noble Studios in Toronto and performed at the El Mocambo that made me believe that I can be an artist.

It's hard changing careers or trying new things. At 41, it's not easy, however, one day I decided I wanted to be me and here I am today.

If you listen to my first song BE AUTHENTIC, last song in my album, I express my thought process and realization that I want to be, authentically me.

The last song in my album VERBIAGE is goodbye. It might seem that I am saying goodbye to a person while listening to the lyrics, but at the end, you can see I am actually saying goodbye to my old self.

Music really fills my heart, clears my mind and feeds my soul in ways I never imagined. My music has helped me get through difficult times mentally and physically. I'm not sure what motivates other artist to write music but writing songs and singing is my medicine.

I hope my music does a lot of good in this world for those who need strength, can relate or need motivation... and for those who want to learn English!

Thanks for listening and bye for now!

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In addition to singing and songwriting, I am a TELF certified international ESL/English teacher. I also have 20 years of marketing and business experience in the skincare industry.

I have a few skincare books I wrote which I also converted to bilingual books for my ESL students.

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angeline pompei

Skincare Author

I've specialized in skincare for the last 20 years. I have two books out right now on anti-aging and skin correction treatments. Learn about the most effective treatments to reduce scars, wrinkles, pigmenation and stretch marks.

TELF certified ESL Teacher

Learn English Fast®

I don't just create music for language learners. I also create books and videos. You can find all my books on Amazon under my Author profile. The Learn English Fast® Book Series is available for native Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Polish and Japanese speakers. Visit my site, to learn more about my extensive English program.

Skincare & Marketing

Angeline The Skincare Marketer

In addition to being an independent artist, I am also a skincare and marketing professional.