¡Solo cantar! By Angeline Pompei

song telling spanish speakers to learn english and who I am

This song is the only song I wrote so far, fully in Spanish. I love singing and song writing but I would have never became a singer if I didn't have this passion project driving me. I make music, books and videos for teaching Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Polish and Japanese speakers English.

English is the international language of business. Knowing English opens up a lot of opportunities for people. In this fast pace world, where there is already a great divid between rich and poor, I am especially concerned about Spanish speaking countries in central and south America.

Learn English fast has a lot of meaning to me. If you understand Spanish, simply listen to this song. If you don't understand Spanish read the bilingual subtitles. I understand how hard it is to learn languages as an adult. I feel for many people who need to leave their home countries to support their families.

In 2020, during Covid I made my website LearnEnglishFast.com with free materials for adults to learn English based on the materials I would have liked to have learning Spanish mainly. I've travelled a lot and it never sat with me right in knowing how most of the world lives in survival mode and by survival I mean literally food, water and shelter. I had a dream, what if I could help adults learn English so many people could work in their own countries maybe online or have more opportunities in their own countries. Stories of people dying crossing borders, oceans, some dying, really effects me. Many latinos want their children to learn English but the world is changing quickly. Adults need to learn English now for a better future and the time to start learning English is now.

I hope my music, books and apps help a lot of people learn English. It makes me emotional to think my dream could come true....that I can help change lives. I started to realize the impact this project could have when I started to make music. As I started to write songs, I began to realize that artist or music alone helps a lot of people in terms of giving people hope. The impact music can have on someone's life is incredible. Imagine I could share my passion, while literally help people learn English with my songs along with books and videos? It would really be a dream come true.

This is my dream anyway, let's see how it plays out.