from album verbiage


song about losing sense of reality

Sometimes we see reality and sometimes we see what we want to see. We all see the world with different lenses based on our experiences, hopes and desires.

Lenses is about a girl who is in her own world, a world of her own. She, is actually me. I always wanted a third child but it's not written in the stars. I wrote a little more about my traumatic life experience in the description of my song Afterlife. When I wasn't well. I kept thinking I was pregnant. The doctors actually said what's written in the chorus of this song

"she see's what she wants to see."

This song was in part, based on what I thought would bring me the most peace and love. More children. My utopia.

"She saw children running happily...she saw picnics in the park"

Life should be simple. The simple things should make us happy. This song brings me to a time I was disoriented. I was searching for happiness and purpose. I was searching for light in the darkness...when life was dark. I was searching for the impossible.

"She sees rainbows in the dark. Bending light in the dark"

I was searching for a miracle. I was in a lonely place, and I was searching for moon...light in the dark. I look forward to making a music video to this song one day, bringing my imagination to production. Art is healing.

If you can relate to this song, add it to your playlist or feel free to share with a friend going through a difficult time.