from album verbiage


song about loneliness and depression

The words from this song came to me while on an airplane, listening to Justin Biebers song lonely.

It's a really beautiful song. He's singing his life, his experience. It made me think that celebrities must be the loneliest people on Earth. Behind the money and fame, we forget that we are all just people, for better or for worst who experience the same emotions. When you have it all, in terms of fortune or fame, you realize it means little without true relationships. It means nothing when you don't feel love or if you feel like a product. I'm sure he must have felt like a number, as if he had a dollar value being a celebrity at such a young age. I can't imagine how that affects a little boy. This influence from Justin Bieber's song is reflected in my song Lonely, here:

I can sing it don't mean a thing if no one's listening
Could loneliness be meant to be
It's my personality

I can relate in some ways. Not a celebrity by any means but I felt really lonely, I was sick and felt that no one cared...maybe even if people did care, I couldn't feel it. I was dead inside.

If loneliness is meant to be
I may as well be a celebrity

Extended periods of loneliness are damaging. It's hard to shake-off. Feeling like you're going to die is hard to shake off. It can become or feel like a personality trait over time, which is why if you feel lonely, you should "call a friend," as I say at the end of the song.

Calling a friend in times of severe depression and loneliness can be life saving. If you have a friend who is going through a difficult time, please make sure you let them know you are available if they need you. You could be saving a life. If you are that person who feels you have no one, call the police or go your neighbours house and tell them you are not well.

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