angeline pompei

Welcome To My Site!

Hi My name is angeline pompei

I am a singer/song writer. I create songs in different genres such as rock, pop, dance even musical theatre!

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I also offer marketing and personal branding services.

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I passionate about teaching english through music


I had a hard time learning languages. I feel deeply for those who have to leave their home countries and families for work. I feel even more for those who risk their lives crossing oceans and deserts for a better future. With the opportunities we have now working online, my hope is that many mothers and fathers can find work online and stay together. If you understand Spanish and listen to this song SOLO CANTAR, it explains that learning English opens up alot of opportunies. English is the international language of business. Most people don't want to really leave their homes.

Hopefully my music, helps people learn English in a natural and enjoyable way.

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