from album verbiage

Rest In Peace

song about saying final goodbye when a loved one dies

The ultimate event we cannot control in life is death. I wrote this song, thinking about having to say goodbye to a love one for the last time at a funeral. It's probably one of the hardest feelings to process in life. It's the ultimate feeling of helplessness and can cause us to reflect upon our own death one day.

I received this music from masterone my music producer from Colombia. I wanted to write a song about saying goodbye. When I received the music, the words just came to me. Someone had also just died, my brother in-laws' father which was saddening and had me thinking about the people in my life that had died. I thought about my grandparents and those last moments, like a still image in my head and the last words or breathes when it was hard for them to breathe. Some moments in life stick with you, like a still shot or frame in a movie, and stay with you forever.

I saw both my grandfathers just before they died suffering. My grandmothers last moments were when they were alive and happy. Coincidence maybe. Not sure. As I get older, I notice there are a lot of parallels in the circle of life. It always amazes me when I recognize the patterns and parallels in life and in different parts of the world.

This song talks about having to say goodbye. We sometimes feel we need to say goodbye, but not seeing human suffering and loved ones in their coffins, ironically makes acceptance easier. Maybe we have to train ourselves to celebrate one's life when they pass to make the mourning process easier and let go of any regrets we may have so everyone can rest in peace.

If you are having trouble saying goodbye, it's ok. Hopefully this song helps you push through your emotions and say goodbye if it helps bring you peace and closer.