from album verbiage


song about the importance of communication

This song is about the importance of communication. When we don't communicate effectively with others, it leads to poor relationships. Whether the relationship is with a partner, friend or child, communication is vital to all healthy relationships. Lack of communication leads to ill feelings, discomfort, stress and anxiety.

I'm sure we've all experienced silence after an argument at one point in life or another. I'm sure you've needed silence to think straight at times or to let a moment pass. For this reason I write...

"silence can heal, silence can hurt"

Relationships require effective communication and respect. When we say or do things out of anger or fear, we have to remember and accept that

"words once spoken can bring your fate"

Words once spoken can't be taken back. They are thoughts that went through your mind that you expressed. They reveal a part of your personality. The next time you have a conversation with someone or an argument, think about what you said. Pretend you are on the outside looking in and reflect on your spoken words. Ask yourself this question: what do my words say about me as a person?

Maturity and wisdom come with age and in recognizing as well when things are better left unsaid...let sleeping dogs rest. If you have been to catholic mass, it's spoken in prayer "courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference."

Listen to this song again on spotify or whatever streaming platform you use and really listen to the lyrics.