from album verbiage


song about anxiety, breathing and evaluating life

We all evaluate life at some point or another. Sometimes this makes us anxious. This song is about breathing, evaluating and facing life, one breathe at a time.

Self-reflection may be practiced through meditation, walking, soul searching, quiet time or prayer. Life can make us anxious. When we can't think clearly or get anxious, we often hear a lot of noise in our heads. It's hard to think clearly. If you are feeling over-welmed, first and foremost, take the time to BREATHE.

I suggest taking walks in nature, taking deep breathes and think about the things that truly fill your heart and soul (Just like we need food to survive, we need to feed our hearts and souls to be healthy). Then think about your current reality. If you are far from where you want to be, or far from what you think will make you healthy and happy, think of the steps you can take to get you to where you want to be without stress.

The music has a bit of an anxious sound at the beginning, but ends with a more relaxing music stretch. This is inline with the process of dealing with anxiety, ending in calmness or peace.